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Explophilia Game

What is Explophilia?

Explophilia is an Atomic Bomberman clone that like Atomic Bomberman has the only objective of dropping bombs in order to blow your enemies to pieces. Explophilia is mainly for explophiles and generally people of explophilic nature.

Where can i get Explophilia?

Explophilia is unplayable at the moment, but i will try to at least release a binary windows executable once there is something worth looking at.
One of the goals is to make the game run on Windows, Linux and eventually OSX.

Why the name "Explophilia"?

The name Explophilia is a combination of "explosion" and "philia". Philia used as a suffix usually specify some kind of attraction or affinity to something, in particular the love or obsession with something. It pretty much says all there is to be said about the game itself.

But why did you recreate something as fine as Atomic Bomberman?

To say the least, Atomic Bomberman has loads of bug, or at least odd stuff often happens, that seems like bugs. These kinds of bugs includes but are not limited to:

  • Inconsistent delay for bombs.
  • Unfair partitioning of power-ups among players.
  • Random disease transmittance from player to player.
  • Generally inconsistent game state among clients in network games.
    • Bombs appear on top of blocks
    • Bombs appear skewed between tiles.
    • Bombs persist without exploding.
    • power-ups may not appear despite their existence on other clients in the game.
    • bombermen does not blink even though they are sick and contagious.
  • Fast movement diagonally under some circumstances.
  • Probably many other bugs

The bugs are however not the only reason to recreate this wonderful game. Explophilia is meant to use UDP and/or TCP rather than IPX which is used for Atomic Bomberman. IPX is a horrible horrible protocol, and there is really no reason to keep it alive. Microsoft seem to agree with that since IPX is not supported in Windows Vista for instance, and hopefully not in any future Windows release either.

I have already come up with a great number of possible extensions to the classic game, which hopefully will make this new game even more fun to play. I wont be listing the features of Explophilia here just yet, as I don't want to disappoint anyone. I can however say that all the power-ups known from Atomic Bomberman will have a place in Explophilia aswell.

Just for kicks, this game will be developed using SDL for input and audio and OpenGL for video. The biggest problem right now is the lack of graphics and sounds. If anyone decides to either make some graphics suitable for a game like this, or finds some graphics they can find me on IRC at in channel #Zuu. Mails are welcome at: kd.04x@ksd (reversed). I dont check this mail very often, so be patient.

I intend for Explophilia to look much like Atomic Bomberman. By that i mean, simple static raster images displayed in sequence.

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