Modified: 13th Jun 16 |

Dot Matrix Marquee Project

Getting into electronics again, is definitely fun. But I have started out fairly easy, to at least get one success before I go all in on crazy stuff. I decided to make something that would both be kindof fun and have a visual aspect, to make sure that I have something for show. I've typically been used to making "invisible", yet very exiting (to me) stuff, so this is going to be different.

Lets skip all the boring explanations, and see the product in action.

All the circuitry that i hold in my hand most of the time, is basically just LED-arrays, serial latches, resistors and some hidden away transistors between two sheets of PCB.

It is the Arduino Uno in the lower left corner of the video, that is actually controlling the circuitry I made. Ofcourse i also made all the software to control it, except the characters. The characters have been collected from many different places, and then transformed to a common format. After that several hours of handtweaking has been done, including making a tiny python tool for easy display.

In general, most of the time has probably been spent on actually finding the components to buy, and then a place to buy them. The second most time consuming task was probably planning all the cuts, performing all the cuts of the PCB traces, and then checking that they were all clear cuts. Getting the electrical design done, as well as the software design seemed fairly straight forward.