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Zuu's Projects

I like creating stuff, and on these pages you will see some select few of my creations. To me, it's not really the result that matters, but the way to get there. This also means that by far the most of my projects never get finished in the sense of having something to show.

The most recent of my projects is the Led sign , I did that project primarily for getting started with microcontrollers. I think all in all, I probably spent about 40-50 hours on that.

I like making program languages, as can be seen in the RegexPL project and the QHA Language project.

The Regex Programming Language (RegexPL) is the most recent of my language implementations. It was intended to be nothing like anything in existence, and i think that succeeded fairly well. According to svn logs, I finished the implementation 18 days after my very first idea about this language. It then took me another 5 days to make a bytecode generator and interpreter for it as well. About 3 months later, I implemnted it all in C++ in about 6 days.

The QHA Language was probably the very first language I made, as a hobby, that I actually begun implementing. The interpreter is not quite finished (yet?), but the parts that were created, works pretty well. I dont recall how long i spent on it.

Explophilia was supposed to be a bomberman clone. I have put a lot of effort into comming up with new and interresting things to the game, as well as put a lot of time in development. But i wanted to make an OpenGL game engine for it first, and that gave me a lot of problems with even the simplest of simple OpenGL instructions. Once i found out what caused the problems, I just lost my drive. It might come back some day though!

One of the generally more popular projects I made, was my IRC chatterbot "Chatty". The idea was to make a conversation bot that would just be fun to talk to, have no knowledge about anything when born, and being entirely language agnostic. My first attempt did seem promising, although there are still loads of work to be done.

The very first piece of software I ever released was a simple SCGI Lib for D. I had the idea that I would run my entire website on D. I know that a few people have actually used this simple implementation. According to SVN logs it took about 2 days of programming and testing against Apache before it was done.